Anneke Beerten im Interview – „A girl that loves riding bikes“

Zweifache Weltmeisterin im BMX, im Jahre 2002 in drei Ländern (Belgien, Deutschland und Niederlande!) den nationalen Titel im Downhill gewonnen, Worldcupsiege im Downhill und 4X, zweifache Vize-Weltmeisterin 4X und 2007 auch noch die Gesamtwertung des UCI Worldcup im 4X gewonnen. Die komplette Erfolgsliste würde den Rahmen dieser Seite sprengen! Die 25-jährige Niederländerin Anneke Beerten ist ein Megastar in der Bikeszene. Bereits Ende der neuziger Jahre zeigte sie schon als Juniorin, noch im legendären Be-One Team startend, welches Potenzial in ihr steckt. Damals haben wir es leider versäumt, jetzt aber hier das längst überfällige Interview auf der Fraktur!

Anneke Beerten
Anneke Beerten / Foto (c) Marc Rietberg

Hello Anneke, please describe yourself to our readers

I am a girl that loves riding bikes, specially 4-cross, Downhill and bmx. I am somebody that enjoys life and loves traveling around the globe with my bike. For the last 3 years I am racing as a professional bike rider….and try to get on that top step of the podium everywhere I race.

Up to now, what is the most important success for you?

Winning the world cup overall.

You have won many international competitions in the last years and you are a two times world vice-champion. What is your goal for next year?

My biggest goal for next year is winning that rainbow jersey.

Foto (c) Malcolm Fearon Photography

What was the best race you didn’t win?

I really enjoyed racing at the Worlds in Fort William. In the final the crowd was so big and load when we were racing down the course. Fort William always puts up a great event with gravity racing on the top spot.

What’s the difference between somebody like you or Jill Kintner and regular riders?

That’s a difficult question to answer… I know Jill and I grew up riding and racing at a really young age. I grew up with doing nothing else then riding my bike almost everyday. And I think a lot of other riders do not have that opportunity to ride there bikes as much as we do.

How did you prepare yourself mentally?

I try to stay focus on the goals that I’ve set for my self. It’s always important to stay positive and try to get the best out of you’re self. Mentally it can be difficult to focus for a long season with so many races, but I really enjoy what I am doing.

Anneke Beerten
Foto (c) Gibson Pictures

How much racing do you think you’re going to do in the future?

I hope a lot… This winter I am starting really early with racing. I will be doing a lot of bmx races in preparation of my 4-cross season… and maybe try to qualify for the bmx Olympics.

What is your favourite spot?

I love traveling to Whistler, Canada. It is such a great place to go riding and chill out.

Anne Caro Chausson, BMX and Peking 2008… What did you think?

bmx girls…. watch out, she has a chance of winning a medal!!

Anneke Beerten
Foto (c) BikePark –

Who were the biggest influences on your career?

In my younger years my parents, they always took me to all the bmx races and drove me 3 times a week to the track for training. Since I’ve been riding mountainbikes I’ve learned a lot from my coach Bas de Bever. It’s great to have such a legendary rider as you’re own coach.

How does a normal day look for you?

Wake up and have a good breakfast. Go training, sometimes alone and 4 times a week together with the Dutch national bmx team. Lunch and then go training again in the afternoon… Diner, relax and go to sleep.

Any last words and tips to our female readers?

Keep on riding and have fun while you are riding!!

Foto (c) Fianke fotografie

Anneke, dank u wel voor dit interview 🙂

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